Contributing guidelines

First of all, thanks for the interest!

We welcome all kinds of contribution, including, but not limited to code, documentation, examples, configuration, issue creating, etc.

Be polite and respectful, and follow the code of conduct.

Bug reports and discussions

If you think you found a bug, feel free to open an issue. Focused suggestions and requests can also be opened as issues. Before opening a pull request, start an issue or a discussion on the topic, please.

Working on an issue

If you found an issue that interests you, comment on that issue what your plans are. If the solution to the issue is clear, you can immediately create a pull request (see below). Otherwise, say what your proposed solution is and wait for a discussion around it.


Feel free to ping us after a few days if there are no responses.

If your solution involves code (or something that requires running the package locally), check the developer documentation. Otherwise, you can use the GitHub interface directly to create your pull request.

Additions and modifications to the template

If you have any new idea or think the template needs to be updated or fixed, please search our issues and if there isn't anything relevant, open a new issue.