A Study in Julia

| Jan 22, 2015 min read

Today I begin a study in Julia. This fantastic tool has syntax similar to that of Octave/Matlab, but is much faster. Furthermore, the interface with functions made in C and Fortran is much easier to accomplish, and since most things in computational mathematics are on these languages, this feature is wonderful.

My intented work is

  • make a simple julia and C interface, with auto-compiling and test on GitHub and Travis CI;
  • develop a nonlinear optimization tool completely in Julia, then improve the slow bits by using C and/or Fortran;
  • implement/improve the CUTEst interface [1], [2], possibly creating a SIF converter.
  • if things work out, submit to JuliaOpt.

My work starts with the Julia-C Samples. If you need me, I might be on #julia on IRC/freenode.