Long time away

| Jul 6, 2016 min read

Hello, it’s been a long time since my last post, and a lot has happened since. I’ve had difficulty finding time to write a good post, or even a bad post, sometimes, but now I return with a brief explaining, and some possible continuation posts.

First, during the classes period, I have a lot of obligations that use a lot of time: Preparing classes, tests, projects, grading, etc. This was most of my time.

Additionally, in May, I went to two conferences in my field, the Optimization Days 2016, in Montreal, Canada, and the XI Brazilian Workshop on Continuos Optimization, in Manaus/Amazonas, here in Brazil. For the first, I left at the end of April, but I had no visa, so I had to rush to get everything in order, then get the tickets and the hotel, while preparing the talk. I also worked with Dominique Orban in there, which you should know from CUTEst.

Furthermore, I also gave a talk about Games and Artificial Intelligence for undergrad students around April and a talk about Julia for the Informatics grad program around May.

June was a month of closures. I (re)done an old paper with Francisco Gomes and submitted it. I almost finished the content of a paper with Geovani Grapiglia. CUTEst (and related) is (are) almost ready for release. The classes finished.

This week, the first of July, I had the pleasure of having Miles Lubin, from MIT, over at UFPR. He gave a tutorial on JuMP, presenting a linear and a non-linear model. People were very interested, and it was very popular. There were 28 people attending it, with interest from the audience and a wide range of fields. I do plan to use JuMP in future classes, and some colleagues might too. Also this week, there is a Term Paper defense, and the second part of my tenure-track avaliation.

Now that I’ll have more time again, I’ll probably make more posts. I have one about CUTEst, which I expected to make when released, but maybe I’ll have to do earlier to avoid confusion. I also want to make more applications of mathematics with Julia, but let’s see what happens.

See you soon.